8AM – 8PM (see holiday hours here)

Thanksgiving – Closed
Christmas – Closed

Last Wash at 8PM

We are open 365 days,  including holidays.


8AM – 8PM every day (last wash at 8PM).

Frequently Asked Questions

This FAQ covers questions commonly asked. If you have additional questions, please use our Contact page.

We are open 7 days a week 365 days a year from 8 am until 8 pm. Last wash is at 8pm including holidays. Yes! We are open on all holidays including Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year. We allow you to start washing as late as 8:00 pm and stay until you are finished folding your laundry.

We are in a shopping center so there is lots of parking. There is close parking at all locations and there is the capability of pulling your car up right to the front door if needed for dropping off a lot of clothes. We have 23 parking spots including one handicap parking spot.

Yes. Our location is safe and well-lit like a stadium. We also have 24/7 cameras inside and outside.

Yes, we have free wi-fi as well as lots of usb outlets to recharge your devices.

To make it easy and hassle free for you, our facility is quarter free. You can bring cash (dollar bills only) to load value on your laundry card. We also accept all credit cards, EBT (with cash benefits), Apple Pay, Google Pay, Debit Cards and an ATM. If you have bigger bills, no worries. Our bill changer can change your 10s and 20s into 5s.

Our laundromat uses card. We have two value add card machines through which you can add value to your card. We even have a bill-breaking machine so you can change your $20s and $10s into $5 bills.

Yes, you can use any credit or debit card to load value on to your card.

Our laundromat is fully attended and always has at least one or more attendants to help you.

All of our washing machines are 200G machines. Most laundries have machines that are 100G as they are less expensive to purchase. Our 200G machines spin out so much of the water that it takes far less time to dry your clothes. You can be in and out of our lavanderia in just an hour.

We are a self-service laundromat. At this moment we are not offering dry-cleaning services.

Fill out our Refund Form if you believe you have a legit reason to do so. We will review the form within 2-3 business days and get back to you with our decision.

Neither Rise and Rinse Laundromat nor our employees are liable or responsible for any forgotten belongings on the premises. Please feel free to return to the store to ask the attendant on duty during business hours, but the store is not responsible for your items.

In the instance you left your clothes in a machine, and you returned and cannot locate your items: your clothes have been moved, if wet, to a dryer or, if dry, to the locked room on the premises. Ask the attendant to retrieve your items. If an attendant is not on duty, please wait until daytime hours to claim items.

We accept rolling applications all year. Fill out our job application here!

Absolutely, Rise N Rinse has sixty machines (thirty washers and thirty dryers).

We have washing machines that are as large as 65 pounds and large dryers as well.

20lb-65 lbs washers.

Please see our Pricing Page for our current pricing.

 Last wash is at 8pm including holidays. We allow you to start washing as late as 8:00 pm and stay until you are finished folding your laundry.

Yes, our bill change machine can give change for $10 and $20 dollars bills in $5 bills

Yes, there is a detergent vending machine on-site.

Yes, there is a detergent vending machine on-site.

At our Glenville location there is staff on duty at all times. Turney 1 and 2 is unattended but there is help within 15 mins away if needed and 24/7 cameras that are viewed at all times.

Yes, you can. We can wash up to holding a capacity of 80lbs or a king-sized comforter.

Items that need to be hand washed or require special care probably need to stay home with you, or at least make sure we are aware of their special care needs when you place your order. We are happy to help with your special items, but we need your help to make sure the request is properly noted and the item is set aside when we receive it.

Glenville/Cleveland location drying is free with your wash. Garfield locations the drying is 75 cents for 24 mins to start the dryer (which is typically all that’s needed) but after that its 8 mins per quarter.

We have a full set of laundry products available through our state-of-the-art vending machine. We offer traditional products and more eco-friendly products for sale and occasionally have them available for you at no cost.

We’re here to make your life easier–so just tell us what you need. At times, we may need to charge a fee for special requests, but in general, we will help you out in whatever we can do.

Standard wash and fold laundry items are consistent with what you would “typically” put in your own home washer and dryer–sheets, jeans, shirts, undergarments, socks, etc. Additional charges are incurred for those not-so-regular items like sleeping bags, comforters, bulky blankets, etc.

Our wash and fold is $1.50/pound. There is $15 or 10 lbs minimum.

Following products are included in this service:

Detergent – Tide, Gain, Tide Free & Gentle, All Free.

Fabric Softener – Gain, Downy April Fresh.

Clorox (for whites).

OxiClean (to remove stains).

Dryer Sheets – Bounce.

We will separate dark and lights before we put your clothes into washer. 

We neatly fold your laundry and put it in a clear plastic bag.

Same day if dropped off before 3pm and 12pm the following day if dropped off after 3pm.

Yes! If you want to give us your preferred products, that’s no problem. We’ll use your provided detergent/softener and return with your neatly folded laundry

You can drop off your clothes for us to wash and fold anytime between 8:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m. We are always attended.

Our minimum wash and fold is $15 or 10 lbs.

We weigh your clothing before we launder your clothing. The clothing is charged based on the “before weight”. 

Please call Rise N Rinse at 919-237-2417. We will be happy to talk to you or help walk you through
placing your first order.

Yes, some customers always want their clothing laundered the same way. Others change it weekly depending on what clothing they are having washed.

We do our best to accommodate every request. Let us know how you want your laundry done by putting it in your profile.

Please put any clothing that needs special attention in a small bag with a note on what you need done. We will do the best we can. If, however, you pretreat a stain as soon as it happens, the odds go up that it will be successful in removing the stain.

Rise N Rinse Laundromat provides pickup and delivery services under a different brand name called HappyNest. Rest assured all your laundry is brought to our location for processing.

We do have a separate customer service line for Pickup and Delivery. Contact our Customer Service team at [email protected] or 855-335-9274

We do FREE pickup and delivery for your business or for your personal laundry Monday through Friday between 8am to 2pm.

Pickup and delivery is always free! Click on  “Service Areas” located on the top bar of the page to check if we service your areas or not. We currently serve Durham, Carrboro, Chapel Hill and Morrisville. We do plan on expanding our service area in future.

We pick up Monday through Friday from 8am to 2pm.

We accept any items that are known to be washed in a washer machine.

We wash comforters of any size.

There is no order minimum. Our pricing model is based on per bag pricing. Check out our  FAQ section for “Price Per Bag” to learn about how it works.

No need to pre-sort. We’ll sort your items by color prior to washing.

You can place your laundry in trash bags or laundry hampers.

Depends on how you bring it at us. If in trash bags, It will be delivered in a new clear bag. If in a hamper, it will be delivered in a clear bag folded in your hamper/basket.

No, you do not need to be home for pickup or delivery. Just make sure to place your clothes where our driver can easily access. We will drop it off at the same location. You can also leave us instructions when placing your order.

You can please order online by clicking on “Schedule A Pickup” located on the top bar of the page. You can also contact our Customer Service team at 855-335-9274 to place your order.

Currently, we do not provide same day pickup and delivery.

Our cut off time for the same day pickup is 8am. Your fresh clean laundry will be delivered the following day. 

When you create an account online or via our mobile app, you’ll provide us with a credit card to use for completed orders. The card will be automatically charged prior to delivery.

Yes, we do. Any business from restaurants, nursing homes, bars, you name it. We are here to serve anyone’s commercial laundry needs.

No contract is required for commercial laundry customers. We will earn your business each and every time we launder your items.

We do pickup and delivery laundry service 7 days a week. We do pickups from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. We will work with our customers on an individual basis to create a schedule that works for you.

Our turnaround time is 24 hours, however some of our commercial customers prefer we pick up the dirty clothes on Friday and return them on Monday. We will work around your schedule.

To create an account for your business, please contact us at 562-436-1859 or [email protected] and we will create the account for you. We will be adding the ability to manage your account online in the near future.

ses an ozone system in all of it’s washing machines. This system sanitizes your laundry and removes 99.9% of all bacteria and viruses. Our system is hospital approved!

Rise N Rinse Laundromat provides pickup and delivery services under a different brand name called HappyNest. Rest assured all your laundry is brought to our location for processing.

We do have a separate customer service line for Pickup and Delivery and any questions regarding per bag pricing. Contact our Customer Service team at [email protected] or 855-335-9274

Per bag pricing is simple! HappyNest will provide you with 2 navy blue HappyNest bags, sized 22’ x 28’. Simply fill the bags with laundry and schedule a pick up. You will be charged a flat rate per bag of $29.95. You can always contact our Customer Service team at 855-335-9274 if you have any questions.

Since you won’t have our navy per bag HappyNest bags to use for your first service, you can use any laundry bag of your own or a kitchen bag. Our navy per bag HappyNest bags can hold approximately 22 lbs of laundry. Your charge for this first service will be determined by weighing all of the laundry you send in and dividing by 22 to determine how many bags to charge.

We will provide 2 of our navy per bag HappyNest bags folded in with the return of your first service.

Simply contact our Customer Service team at [email protected] or 855-335-9274 and we will be happy to ship additional bags out to you from our home office. Please allow 5-10 business days to receive them.

That is the brilliance of per bag pricing! There are no separate bulk rate charges, fill up the bag with whatever machine washable laundry you have and it is still the same flat bag rate!

For the safety and protection of your laundry, it is important that the laundry bags be completely closed and secured. Any navy per bag HappyNest bags that we pick up that are over filled to the point that they cannot be cinched tight, will be charged a $7.99 bag closure fee.