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8AM – 8PM every day (last wash at 8PM).


Our doors are always open to customer oriented and hardworking team members.
Let us know why you’re the right person for the job!”

Job Summary:

Assists self‐service laundry customers with the card system, washers and dryers, and vending machines. Performs washing, drying, and folding of drop‐off orders for customers according to procedures. Accurately operates point‐of‐sale system and completes retail sales. Ensures cleanliness of store and equipment at all times. Trains and helps manage other attendant staff. Manages fulfillment of commercial wash‐dry‐fold (WDF) contracts. Assists with office tasks including staff scheduling, policy and procedures development, and ensuring adequate retail and supplies inventory. Demonstrates customer service, organization, and communication skills.


1. Maintains cleanliness of store by wiping countertops, folding tables, machine tops and interiors, and soap receptacles. Keeps floor clean, dry, and clear of debris. Empties trash containers. Ensures bathrooms are clean and stocked at all times. Conducts other ad hoc cleaning duties as required.

2. Checks dryer lint screens and cleans lint filters regularly to maintain optimum efficiency.

3. Promptly reports any equipment or other service issues to management.

4. Demonstrates at least basic computer and technology skills to operate the POS and card system.

5. Uses POS and integrated scale system to ring up WDF orders. Sorts WDF laundry items for processing. Loads proper amount of weight into washing machines and unloads upon completion of wash cycle. Uses proper amount and type of laundry products. Loads and operates dryers, ensuring proper load weights and temperatures. Neatly folds and bags or hangs items for pick up.

6. Handles over‐the‐counter sales of laundry products (detergent, fabric softener, laundry bags, etc.)

7. Assists with administrative tasks including staff scheduling, development and refinement of policies and procedures, and monitoring of retail and supplies inventory levels. Identifies ordering needs. Supports marketing and promotional initiatives.

8. Trains and helps manage other attendant staff. Ensures staff consistently follow store policies and maintain high performance standards.

9. Helps develop customer‐specific procedures to manage and fulfill commercial Wash, Dry & Fold contracts. Ensures contracts are executed efficiently and according to specified terms.

10. Performs other administrative, laundry, and cleaning duties as assigned by management.

11. Consistently demonstrates strong customer service, organization, and communication skills.

12. Able to read, write, and speak English proficiently. Spanish language skills are a plus.

13. Always wears Rise N Rinse Laundromat vest during the workday.

14. Is reliable and trustworthy.

15. Is friendly and helpful to customers at all times!

Job Types:

Full‐time, Part‐time


Starting $10.00 per hour minimum plus tips and 10% commission from Wash, Dry & Fold orders.